Our Prestigious Projects

At Aspen Vision City, we are versatile in our offering. As we believe that for a township
to be truly dynamic it needs an eclectic mix of developments that
meet the unique lifestyles and evolving commercial needs of people.
Explore for yourself, and you’ll be delighted with what you’ll find.

IKEA Batu Kawan & Regional Shopping Centre

The northern region’s first and only IKEA store at Aspen Vision City is the subject of a RM600 million investment from IKEA Southeast Asia and comprises a built-up area of over 430,000 sq.ft. Slated for opening in the first quarter of 2019, the store will be wholly owned and operated by IKEA Southeast Asia. IKEA forms the anchor of the Integrated Regional Shopping Centre, a 1,000,000 sq.ft. shopping paradise featuring an exciting mix of retail, food and beverage, entertainment options and many more.

The highly popular Swedish furniture chain will bring an extensive range of modern and affordable home furnishings to the region, in addition to a variety of job opportunities and economic spin-offs for the surrounding communities and businesses. Its strategic location in the heart of Batu Kawan also means IKEA will be within 1-hour radius of over 825,000 households in Penang, ensuring a uniquely vibrant, ever-bustling commercial landscape in Aspen Vision city.

Columbia Asia Medical Centre

At Aspen Vision City, you don’t have to look far for top healthcare facilities and services. Columbia Asia, a renowned international hospital chain with medical facilities all across Asia, forms an integral part of Aspen Vision City’s masterplan.

A RM185 million investment by Columbia Asia Sdn Bhd, the medical facility will occupy a site measuring approximately 3 acres. Equipped with 150 beds, the full-service medical centre at Aspen Vision City is the only Columbia Asia facility in Penang and the second in the northern region.

Vogue Lifestyle Residence

Built with impeccable designs to be exquisite inside out, Vogue Lifestyle Residence integrates with an international class business hotel, office suites and retail spaces, equipped with top notch facilities and designed for wellness.

A contemporary façade with lush landscaping enwrapping modernistic elements blends trendy lines with nature seamlessly. The boundaries of what is called ‘home’ are extended beyond the immaculately landscaped units, grounds and gardens.

Vivo Executive Apartment

A home that serves stylish comfort but can easily transform into a work space that supports even the biggest ambitions, Vivo Executive Apartment is where goals become reality.

Built with a communal co-working space and a social kitchen for you to collaborate and create networks, it is strategically located within the intelligent and self-sustaining metropolis of Aspen Vision City in Batu Kawan, Penang.

Complete with access to world-class amenities and international communities – this new concept of living and working is the result of a leading edge joint venture between Aspen Group and IKEA Southeast Asia


Encompassing a sprawling 35-acre site with tremendous visibility and close proximity to IKEA store, Vervea comprises 441 units of spacious shop offices with business-centric designs within a secured gated & guarded environment. Vervea shop offices also enjoy unprecedented customer traffic coming from the Second Penang Bridge as well as a constant flow of ready customers from nearby Aspen Vision City projects.

Vertu Resort

As the first residential development in Aspen Vision City, Vertu Resort is also the first resort-inspired high-rise development in mainland Penang. It is conceptualised to become a sustainable development, with impressive eco-friendly features to meet a Green Building Index certification.

Designed to be a haven of space, comfort, and indulgence, Vertu Resort is furnished for a truly move-in condition with home furnishings as well as electrical and kitchen appliances. Set to raise the standard of living for everyone, Vertu Resort provides a first-look into the cosmopolitan lifestyle that Aspen Vision City is poised to usher in.

Vertu Resort packs plenty of facilities and amenities to suit individual styles and preferences. From the 152-metre swimming pool to the rock climbing adventure area, Vertu Resort offers an abundance of recreational options at the same time provides a holistic living environment suitable for residents of all ages and interests.

Vittoria Financial Centre

Innovatively conceptualised for future-centric businesses, the Vittoria Financial Centre was planned and designed to be flexibly functional, to meet the rapidly changing and versatile needs of different businesses.

Equipped with workspaces that are integrated with intelligent solutions, shared private services and lifestyle facilities that nurture work-life balance, business owners will be empowered to be more dynamic in the way they operate, and achieve maximum productivity through faster connections and smart technology services.

Building ahead with technological innovation to meet the demands of savvy businesses that are set to grow exponentially, we are collaborating with reputable global leaders to provide smart business-centric solutions that will impact and improve business work flows and possibilities.

With its strategic location, smart facilities and shared services, Vittoria Financial Centre is anticipated to become one of the highly sought-after and desired locations for businesses to thrive in.


Adding to the diversity of Aspen Vision City is the luxuriously-designed Viluxe. As the first landed residential development in Aspen Vision City, it provides comfort in luxury on a scale that has not been seen before on the south eastern region of Penang.

Exquisitely designed with intricate and personal touches, the luxurious Freehold Semi-Detached and 2 -storey Premium Terrace units with limited units of Bungalows stand out as an exclusive affluent neighbourhood, facing the lush greeneries of Aspen Vision City’s 25-acre Central Park

25-acre Central Island Park

Awe-inspiring zones, magnificent structures and thematic experiences will transform every visit to the Central Island Park into a spectacular experience.

Breathtaking fountains that shoots up to the sky, higher than you could imagine, thrilling skywalks that gives you a stunning view of the whole park from a vantage point and astonishing landscapes that transport you into a wondrous world… these are just the highlights, with so much more to be explored and experienced.

We have stretched our creative imagination and flexed our resources to ensure every visitor to the Central Island Park will have an incredible experience.

The Central Island Park is a sprawling land area measuring 25 acres and is conceptualised as Aspen Group’s commitment to creating a conducive and sustainable living environment in Aspen Vision City. Envisioned as a one-of-a-kind modern community park, the Central Island Park is designed to seamlessly merge nature with urban elements to create a uniquely harmonious recreational space.

The park will be zoned into 3 phases, each with its own captivating mix of recreational offerings. Equipped with a wide range of amenities and community-centric facilities, the Central Island Park is the ideal backdrop for an abundance of activities ranging from community events and family activities to various recreational pursuits and iconic experiences.