IKEA Store &
Regional Shopping Centre

The northern region's first and only IKEA store at Aspen Vision City.

ABOUT IKEA Batu Kawan & Regional Shopping Centre

IKEA Store & Regional Shopping Centre

The northern region’s first and only IKEA store at Aspen Vision City is the subject of a RM600 million investment from IKEA Southeast Asia and comprises a built-up area of over 430,000 sq.ft. Slated for opening in the first quarter of 2019, the store will be wholly owned and operated by IKEA Southeast Asia. IKEA forms the anchor of the Integrated Regional Shopping Centre, a 1,000,000 sq.ft. shopping paradise featuring an exciting mix of retail, food and beverage, entertainment options and many more.

The highly popular Swedish furniture chain will bring an extensive range of modern and affordable home furnishings to the region, in addition to a variety of job opportunities and economic spin-offs for the surrounding communities and businesses. Its strategic location in the heart of Batu Kawan also means IKEA will be within 1-hour radius of over 825,000 households in Penang, ensuring a uniquely vibrant, ever-bustling commercial landscape in Aspen Vision city.



IKEA Southeast Asia fronts the main intersection facing incoming traffic from all directions. IKEA Store, along with the integrated regional shopping centre and Vervea, will be among the first destinations greeting thousands of visitors daily.



Lebuhraya Bandar Cassia,
14110 Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang,
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E: enquiry@aspen.com.my
Mon – Fri 11am to 6pm ; Sat – Sun 11am to 7pm