25-acre Central Island Park

ABOUT 25-acre Central Island Park


Awe-inspiring zones, magnificent structures and thematic experiences will transform every visit to the Central Island Park into a spectacular experience.
It features an award breaking 52-metre high water fountain recognised by The Malaysia Book of Records that shoots up to the sky, thrilling skywalks that gives a stunning view of the whole park and astonishing landscapes that lead to a wondrous world.

Equipped with a wide range of amenities and community-centric facilities, the Central Island Park is the ideal backdrop for an abundance of activities ranging from community events and family activities to various recreational pursuits.

The Central Island Park has been zoned into 4 phases, each with its own captivating mix of recreational offerings, with the first phase officially launched on 17 October 2018. Since then, throngs of local visitors and tourists visited the park.



True to its name, the Central Island Park is positioned right in the heart of Aspen Vision City, allowing for easy access from all directions, especially from surrounding AVC components.